Passwords on our site must be at least 8 characters.

Here are some password best practices:

Adopt the 8 + 4 Rule
This rule helps you to build passwords that are strong as steel. Use eight characters with one upper and one lower case, a special character like as asterisk and a number. The more random the better.
Keep Symbols/Numbers Separate

Don’t Make it Personal
It needs to be clear using personal information like your first name and birth date  is a recipe for disaster.

Keep the Character Limit Down
The average person can only remember 10 characters or less. Long passwords run the risk of being written down so they can be remembered.

Avoid Dictionary Words
It might sound safe to go to the dictionary for a password, but hackers actually have programs that search through tens of thousands of these words.  Dictionary attack programs have been around for years.

Discourage Sharing
No one should share passwords over any electronic media.